Tabaqat Fahl, Jordan (2016)

Tabaqat Fahl, Jordan (2016)

Rosemary Coates

Rose grew up in the Colo, the second child of a single parent, Rose had very little exposure to western consumer culture and expectations of a career-oriented future, she was greatly encouraged in all creative endeavours.

Having trained as a scientific illustrator at the University of Newcastle from 2013-2017, Rose is now working as a freelance creative in Sydney on projects that span across the East Coast of Australia, as well as South-East-Asia and the Middle East.

Working as an Archaeological Illustrator on dig sites in Jordan and the UAE, Rose has partnered with the University of New England and La Trobe University. She is currently finalising the site planning and digital 3D mapping of a Natufian site in the Levant, Jordan for a book due to be published in 2019.

With solid foundations in traditional media and illustration, Rose is developing her studio practice in oil painting, sculpture and animation. As a queer artist, Rose is currently concerned with subverting binary conceptions across age, sexuality and gender. Ongoing explorations of the human body, both in form and function, continue to push Rose’s artistic direction in to more contemporary subject-matter.